Very little about my life is much of a secret, which is the result of my work and my general disposition. I just never hold much back. One of the things I've never, ever written about, though, are my scars. I mean visible scars, and there are a lot of them, scars on scars on... Continue Reading →

Metaphorically speaking

Part of what I do to make the mortgage is finding content for the social media platforms of various executives, which is just about my favorite part of the job, since it requires -- yes, forces! -- me to read, read, read. Even better, many of the subscriptions are paid for by my employer, which... Continue Reading →

Worth a thousand words

There's a lot going on in this picture. Most eyes will immediately go to Hogan, my neighbor's heeler-Aussie mix pup, who, at 5 months of age, is showing the kind of aggressive herding instincts that I've sure never seen in any of the many Shelties I've owned or fostered. (Sorry, not even you, NEDster!). He's... Continue Reading →

Who’s a good boy?

Relationships are never static.I think everyone who knows me knows how very tight the bond is between me and The Great Zookini. You may even remember the reason he's even here is that he chose me when he was one of the visiting puppies, and his breeder/owner respected his decision and let him live with... Continue Reading →

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